Efficacy of priority in life effectiveness

Life is an embodiment of choices made in all facets, there is no accomplishment without a foundation being laid on which a progressive development has to be carried out. The choice you make gives direction of focus and impact knowledge in the long run, if such person remains undistracted and not succoring to numerous things that beckon poor attention. Priority had shown itself as bedrock of success all over the universe, where strong and effective institutions are established by individuals or set of people with a particular purpose.

Understanding the power of priority is essential and determines the way life is being lived and it add qualities to life, when priority is set right. Time is maximized correctly to achieve a substantial breakthrough on the pathway of success, protecting talents from been wasted over and in times. Time becomes wasted over and in times. Time becomes wasted when a perpetual progress is not made according to the direction to which a purpose or goal is orchestrated. Therefore, time is a resource used to create continuous wealth which is protected by priorities. You become whatever you buy with time.

Identifying your priorities and understanding the visions underlining it gives life meaningful geometrical progression. Having sustainable and innovative ideas coupled with action does not always lead to intended breakpoint to glory without prioritization because it protects and guides talents in a particular direction which dictates the effectiveness of innovations. Dr. Myles Munroe said “the greatest secret of living effectively on earth is the understanding the principle of priority.”

Priority is establishing the most essential thing among several things calling for attention in life. It is made when the value of a thing is known over other things; decision comes along with choosing what is most profiting in situations where enormous things are emerging. Taking academic excellence as a case study.

Academic excellence cannot be gotten on a platter of gold rather comes as an intentional and determined pursuit that requires setting a goal, which can be achieved by engaging preference in pathways.  Crowd is always easy to join but it takes sacrifice and deep discipline to be alone and focus on a goal. Nobody attains the height of academic excellence without choosing the art of academic intelligence, which is the sacrifice  that must be paid, following it consistently over other ways that seemingly look the way of success but are not prioritizing gives you efficiency and effectiveness in attaining your desired height.

Therefore, it would be highly detrimental and suicidal if you fail to prioritize your desires, because it would lead or look as if you are not doing anything with your time (life). Priority energies you to pursue a goal with a set time, enables you to acquire wealth of goals in time intervals and make life meaningful, effective and influential in society.

Prioritize your pathways in life and be productively effective.


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