Mindbank Technologies Unveils NEXTMARKETDAY.com

Nextmarketday.com is a global classified ads website that is dedicated to building partnerships that will change the landscape of global market analysis, penetration and management. The sole aim of the product is to build a free marketplace and encourage easy international trade which inevitably maximizes profits for business owners while ensuring the security of users on the platform.

In a world filled with challenges with the Ease of Doing Business (EODB), Mindbank Technologies, a leading company in print production, graphic design, web design, digital marketing and advanced information services to unemployed youth is excited to announce the launch of  ‘Nextmarketday.com’ website  to the general public.

Sequel to the challenges encountered by most people with respect to the ease of doing their businesses, Mindbank Technologies has considered the launch of Nextmarketday which is a website that will be instrumental towards helping entrepreneurs, business professionals and small business owners showcase their various products and assist in reaching their targeted audience.

Highlighting the fulcrum of the initiative, the Founder, Mr. Otoijamun Israel indicated that  “more than one billion businesses are looking for this kind of solution globally, which is the reason we created ‘NEXTMARKETDAY.com’ and we believe with Nextmarketday.com, many business owners and entrepreneurs are guaranteed a market for their products”.

Otoijamun reiterated that the website comes with lots of opportunities such as negotiation of prices with sellers, security of seller’s money through escrow platform, effective logistic platform called MindXpress to protect buyer’s goods which confirms received products and many more.

However, Nextmarketday mission is dedicated to building partnerships that will change the landscape of global market analysis where they penetrate to build a free marketplace and encourage easy buying and selling.

Nextmarketday currently serves a number of users in online market and retail, therefore to register your product visit www.nextmarketday.com and aim to reach greater customers across the global space.

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